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T2C-Global is always seeking goal-oriented, dynamic performers with skill sets that support our core capabilities in Exercises, Training, Operations, Plans, Homeland Security and Intelligence.  Our team of former Military, Law Enforcement, and Special Operations Forces personnel, Subject Matter Experts (SME) and industry professionals bring an unmatched level of strategic experience.

T2C-Global is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of diversity in its workforce. T2C-Global considers all applicants for a position without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, mental or physical disabilities, veterans/reserve/national guard, genetic information or any other similarly protected status.  We also comply with all applicable laws governing employment practices and do not discriminate on the basis of any unlawful criteria.  Applicants selected may be subjected to a government security investigation before being hired.  U.S. citizenship may be required for employment.

Current Openings and associated PDF position descriptions below:

If interested in any job(s) apply by emailing:


UPDATED: 12/8/2021


* = Contingent Upon Contract Award


Arlington, Virginia

Command and Control Applications and Services Program Analyst - Professional III (AC2)

Commercial and Military SATCOM Analyst

Maritime Beyond Line-of-Sight and Amphibious Communications Analyst - Professional IV

Maritime Line-of-Sight and Narrowband SATCOM Terminals Analyst - Professional V

MILCON Program Analyst - Professional IV (AC2)

Resilient Communications Analyst


Fort Gordon, Georgia

Exploitation Analyst Instructor*

Information Security Instructor-Content Developer*

Networking Instructor-Content Developer*

Operating Systems Instructor-Content Developer* 

Targeting Instructor*

Homestead, Florida

Battlewatch Specialist

Battlewatch Supervisor


Norfolk, Virginia

Administrative Assistant II

Logistics Analyst/Technician

San Antonio, Texas

Administrative Support Specialist*

Dental Administrative Assistant II*

Enhanced Organizational Vehicle Maintenance Manager*

Information Assurance Technician (IAT)*

Law Enforcement Instructor

Logistics and Facilities Manager*

Logistics Support Specialist*

Medical Manning Assistance Program Administrative Assistant II*

Student Management Coordinator*

Training Management Support Coordinator*

Training/Occupational Safety and Health Specialist*

San Diego, California

Electronic Maintenance Officer (EMO)

KEYMAT Management Infrastructure Operating Account (KOA)

NSW SERE Logistics Support Specialist

NSW SERE Program Manager / SERE Instructor

NSW Survival Academic Training Instructor

NSW Survival Field Training Instructor

OSINT/DR Analyst*

SERE Academic Training Instructor

Special Security Officer (SSO) Support Specialist*

Stennis, Mississippi

Special Operations Tactical Medic (SOTM) Instructor

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Communications Manager/Exercise Planner

Diving Maintenance Technician/3M Work Center Supervisor

Gear Issue Customer Service Representative

Gear Issue/HAZMAT Customer Service Representative

Geospatial Analytic Trainer (GEOINT)*

Intelligence Analysis Coordinators 

Intelligence Script Writer/Exercise Planner

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Technical Portfolio Manager (TPM)

Inventory Control Specialist

Medical Support Assistant

Medical Supply Specialist

N6/IT Manager

Operations Backside/Exercise Coordinator

Operations Exercise Planner

Ordinance Logistics HAZMAT Inspector/Shipping Clerk

Parts and Maintenance Customer Service Representative

Personal Property Analyst

Shipping and Receiving Customer Service Representative

SPEAR Customer Service Representative

Special Security Officer (SSO) Support Specialist*

Strategic Mobility Manager

Transportation Equipment/Vehicle Dispatcher


Senior Credentialing Specialist

Credentialing Specialist


Senior Credentialing Specialist

Credentialing Specialist

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